Tidal Bore Rafting

I got a little ahead of myself with the pictures. Before we went to PEI we spent the morning with Jenn rafting.

Basically, the tide come into this river and because there is so much water being funneled into the channel it creates a standing wave. Within the river there are sections that are really deep, but have dunes along the sides, so the ride comes in as the standing wave, bumps and rolls along the dunes creating huge rapid like waves. We took a zodiac out to the mouth of the river to watch the tide come in and ride it back to the camp (about 1 1/2ish hours away). We rode 13ft waves!! It was insane! We had a blast. I don't have any pictures of the actual waves because it's difficult to hold a camera, take pictures, and hold onto the raft.

About an hour in we went mudsliding. Oh my goodness, sooooo rad! I have pictures of that, so you get an idea...


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